June 14, 2022

God Wants You Well | How To Live Well | Episode #1

Is it a lack of faith to embrace medical science?
How do I contend for a miracle that doesn’t seem to be happening?
Am I no longer trusting God if I listen to my doctor’s advice?

Navigating the world of health and wellbeing often feels like a minefield for the believer. But many of the challenges we face are a result of unhelpful and unbiblical mindsets that over-complicate things.

In this new limited podcast series, doctor and church leader Pete Carter is joined by guests from the worlds of medicine, healthcare and Christian healing as they explore how we can embrace a more holistic idea of God’s best for our health, walking in both faith and wisdom. Filled with biblical principles and practical tips, each episode tackles challenging questions and unhelpful mindsets that often get in the way.